English teacher (native speaker) in Summer camp

ADDRIAN Summer Language Camp is a children’s camp for children from 7 to 15 years old, based on an educational company ADDRIAN on the Black Sea, Ukraine.The camp is located in the village of Sergeevka (Odessa region) on the Black Sea in a comfortable hotel with a euro-style rooms, a swimming pool.

What can you get:

  1. It is interesting to combine leisure and work;
  2. Spend time with great fun.

You’ll get a great experience working with children.

In addition,work in the camp is:

  1. Clean beach and the sea;
  2. Comfortable lounge chairs for a luxurious tanning by the pool;
  3. Comfortable accommodation in the euro-rooms;
  4. Fresh air in an environmentally-friendly region;
  5. Full-course meal in the restaurant of the resort;
  6. Gym and Yoga.


  • Native English speaker;
  • Openness and strong communication skills.


To help teamleaders with:

  • conducting lessons;
  • organisation of children master classes;
  • conducting outdoor active games.

Would you like to have epic summertime blast? — Then come to us!

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