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Пример сопроводительного письма

В данном письме, студент хочет найти специфическую работу - должность инструктора по парусному спорту.

Petr Ivanov
55 Prospect Lenina apt.105
Nikolaev, 54025
Telephone: 380-512-420-000
E-mail: petr84@gmail.com
_________________ (Date)
______________ (Name of organ.)
______________ (address)
______________ (City, state, zip)

Dear Mr._______, I am an international student from Ukraine currently seeking seasonal employment during my summer school holidays (from ____ __ 2006 till _____ __, 2006). I found your camp at https:// ________________ and I am very interested in the vacant position of sailing instructor. If you currently seek a motivated, experienced male to add to your instructors group then please consider my qualifications. I believe I can make a positive contribution.

I am on the “Camp America” program participating as an exchange visitor to the United States. This is a J-1 visa program designated for summer Work/Travel.

Since 1996 I have gone on sailing sport. I took part in several competitions of different level and won the school children Championship, the Cup of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Championship and many other competitions. I have gained valuable experience in training and teaching children to a basic sailing sport while working in Ukrainian summer camps. I am responsible and learn easily. Ready to work hard and take my work seriously. I think I possess communicative skills. I get on well with children.

Please find my resume enclosed, it will furnish you with the details relevant to my experience, skills and education. References and other information you require will be provided upon your request. If you have any further question please feel free to contact me by telephone at 380-512-420-000 (GMT +03:00) or by e-mail at petr@gmail.com. If you can offer me some job, please, confirm it and the representative of “Camp America” will contact you.

Thank you!
Sincerely, Petr Ivanov.


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