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Пример 2

Примеры написания рекомендательных писем:

Пример рекомендательного письма №2


I know Mr. Orlov as a responsible and honest person. He is a purposeful and persistent student. He likes studying at any time - doesn't matter is it a lesson or his free time at home. He can learn lessons from everyday situation. In collective he is always self-disciplined and he pays attention to other people's time attempting to prove his rightness that he must be obstinate. He is full of initiative not only in people's opinions and criticism; Ilya is an accurate and punctual person and demands the same from the others. He can help his friends in any minute. He is a careful person and he is always true to his convictions. His best friends are his family and colleagues. You will not be bored in his company.

He appears to be smart, hard-working and goal-oriented student. During his years of study Ilya has shown a capability to work very hard and to learn new information very quickly.
I recommend Mr. Orlov to be accepted to the summer internship program.

Signed: Professor Shishkin V.P.,Dean of the Electromechanical Division
Address: h.34, Rabfakovskaya str.
Phone: +70932385722


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